Design+ is proud to offer clients the opportunity to view their customized presentations on screen at the design center. This is especially exciting when we are presenting to those clients who have decided to utilize the 3D modeling, rendering or animation services. 

I often hear clients say…

“I can’t visualize how my space will look if we take down those walls.”
“I am a visual person & would love to see your ideas for our space.”
“It would be so helpful to understand exactly how our home is going to look before we undergo a renovation.”

Let me tell you, offering 3-D Modeling + Rendering Services has been THE BEST DECISION that I ever made in my business.  Renders bring your design to life! You get to peek into the space before you spend money on furniture and finishes you’ll regret in the end!  We produce photo-like renders of your design by applying realistic lighting, furniture, and materials that have already been agreed upon between the client and the designer.  If you would like to go a step further, we are skilled at walkthrough animations also.  

Pricing is based on square feet and the complexity of the project.  They typically range between $150 - $500.

Examples of 3-D Renderings

Online Purchase

Shop with us online.  We save our clients 20% of regular MSRP.  If you prefer to surf our brands and make your selection/s on your own.  No problem, you deserve that freedom. Just take a look at our brand partners, visit their website, then contact us (link to Contact Us page) with your selections. A member of our sales team will reply with additional details, answer any questions, and provide pricing. When you are ready to CHECK OUT, let us know and we’ll do the rest!

Some vendors can not deliver directly to residents…no problem…we’ll receive it and you can either pick it up from the store, or we’ll arrange delivery to your door.

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